• Mr.Tumee vitamin supplements are a tasty source of vitamins and minerals. Kids love them, doctors recommend them.

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  • Mr. Tumee™ Gumees are made with all natural flavors and colors, certified vegan and gelatin free.

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  • The Gumee Vitamin that’s Good for You! Made in the USA. Delicious gumee vitamins for children.

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Mr. Tumee’s Products

Mr. Tumee™  is a product of multi-award

winning Zanon USA, Inc. d.b.a. Vitamec

USA, Inc.

Mr. Tumee Lutein 2

Lutein with Omega-3

Lutein with Omega-3 formula which helps to protect the retina in the eye and maintain ocular functioning.

Infants Multi-Vitamin Iron & Zinc Liquid Drops

Baby Tumee Drops

Specially formulated for infants under two years of age

Mr. Tumee™Vegan Gelatin Free Fiber Gumees


Delicious fiber formula which may help in digestive health

Mr. Tumee™Vegan Gelatin Free Calcium Plus Vitamin D Gumee

Calcium Plus Vitamin D

A blend of Calcium and Vitamin D needed to support bone health

Mr. Tumee Veggie Multi With Gumees

Multivitamin and Mineral Vegetables, Fruits and Fiber

Multivitamins and Minerals with the addition of Vegetables, Fruits and Fiber.

Mr. Tumee™Vegan Gelatin Free Vitamin D Gumee

Vitamin D

Supports the health of bones, teeth and the immune system.

Mr. Tumee™Sugar Free Gelatin Free Vegan Multi Vitamin Gumee

Sugar Free Multi-vitamin

A complete and healthy Sugar Free Multivitamin.

Mr. Tumee™Vegan Gelatin Free Echinacea Plus Vitamin C & Zinc Gumee

Echinacea plus Vitamin C

Helps to boost and support the immune system.

Mr. Tumee™DHA Omega-3 Gumees

DHA Omega-3

DHA and EPA formula which helps to promote brain functioning, development and memory.

Mr. Tumee™Dietary Suplimentary Vitamin C Gumees

Vitamin C

These delicious Vitamin C gumees help promote skin, eye and immune health.

Mr. Tumee™Multi-Vitamin-Mineral Gumees

Multi-Vitamin & Mineral

A complete multivitamin formula which supports healthy growth and development.

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With every great story, comes a great beginning. Over 14 years ago, we set out to create a fun and healthy way for children to take their daily vitamins.
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